Astrology Service – These are the fixed number of houses for each planet according to astrology. Astrology, Numerology, Horoscope, Vaastu, Fengshui astrology1etc. By Name, Birthday, Numerology, Astrology, Fengshui, Yantra astrology1Mantra, Rings and Stones, Lal Kitab, Vaastu, Hand Rudraksh, Pyramid & Fish aquarium using these we can solve all your problems related to love relationship, career etc. We believe in our uniqueness. 12 Rashish, 27 Nakshtra, & 9 Planets, influence by their Gravitational effect on earth and life includes human.

How planets effect our behaviour 

bulletSun = Atma & Pitta                                          

Date Of Birth Can be made right by lakshmi chart conections-defects.
Days Sun,man,etc also tells your capability.
Paksha Tilhi Tell behaviour prathma, twitic etc.
Nakshtra Tells internal behaviour & character & jobs you can do
Chandra Rashi Whole life detail and your life problems.
Lagna & Reshi upaya from lalkitab total package 1500/-

bulletMoon = Man (Heart) Vatta & Cough                     

bulletMars = Courage And pitta

bulletMercury = Voice,business,vat,pitta,cough

bulletJupiter = Knowledge,Happiness and cough

bulletVenus = Sex,Vata and cough

bulletSaturn = Sadness and vatta

bulletRahu =changing up down

bulletkatu = Moksha  son,pain in lower body part

bulletVatta =Gas,Pitta-Acidity,Cough-cold,cough