The world comprises five basic elements known as the Pancha vastu 2Maha Bhoota.

The five elements are as follows-

1. EARTH (Bhoomi)

2. WATER (Jala)

3. AIR (Vayu)

4. FIRE (Agni)

5. SPACE (Akasha)


bullet Earth+water= friend

bullet Air+Fire = Friend

bullet Air+Earth = Enemy

bullet Fire+Water =  Enemy

bullet Earth+Fire = Normal

bullet Water+Air = Normal

bullet Space Neither Friend More Enemy 

Vaastu Shastra combines all the above five elements of nature and balances them with the person and the material. One can improve

the conditions by properly designing their constructions by understanding the effectiveness of these five natural forces

Vaastu Shastra helps us to make our lives better and will secure from things going wrong.

If there is something Wrong (Dosha) as per vaastu Shastra in your construction then its a matter of concern because that effects You & your Family’s Fortune & may show up in different forms i.e. Health, Wealth, Mental Stability, Education, Business, Mutual Understanding, Family Bonding, Peace, Environment etc.

Astrology & Vaastu are a supplement of each other & mutually related. If the Janm Kundali shows up Grah Dosha then it is for sure that The vaastu of your House is not up to the mark. Therefore vastu 3Along with the vaastu Solution you have to take measures for the Grah Dosha in Kundli as well.

vaastu has so many different solutions & options inside which enables you to follow & implement without any reconstruction or renovation to the construction. Implementation of which helps you to convert the Negative Energies of your construction to Positive. Even the Negativity in your Lifestyle can be converted to the Positivism.

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