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P.K. Jyotish Kendra Having Vaastu Experience Of 30 Years. in Astrology.
Astrology, Numerology, Horoscope, Vaastu, Fengshui etc. By Name, Birthday, Numerology, Astrology, Fengshui, Yantra Mantra, Rings and Stones, Lal Kitab, Vaastu, Hand Rudraksh, Pyramid & Fish aquarium using these we can solve all your problems related to love relationship, career etc. We believe in our uniqueness. 12 Rashish, 27 Nakshtra, & 9 Planets, influence by their Gravitational effect on earth and life includes human.


Good Luck Bad Luck & Deeds

As you sow,so shall you reap know unknow reasion the work done by you or your an cestors works gives problems in four ways.
1. childness 2.bad nature husband & wife combination 3. hard work gives no result & money problems 4.mental weekness depression and remain intension always.

When the Planet comes near the Earth as per their degree effects the human beings less or Excess.So All Problems arises in our life as-

animated_bullet-1Marriage Problem – Marriage Problem occurs due to weakness of Venus and Jupiter.
animated_bullet-1Depression – Depression or Sadness arises due to weakness of Moon.
animated_bullet-1Troubles- Troubles arises due to 6th, 8th, and 12th Low Planet.
animated_bullet-1Fortune Trouble- 9th or 5th house will be week.
animated_bullet-1Work Problem- 2nd, 3rd, 10th, 11th house will be week.
animated_bullet-1Divorce Problem- Bad effect of 7th house, Saturn, sun and Rahu.
animated_bullet-1Quarrels- Bad effect of Rahu, Mangal, Sun, Saturn, on 7th house.
animated_bullet-1Education Problem- 5th house in week position, Mercury and Jupiter not good.
animated_bullet-1Sex Problem- 7th house and Venus is week.
animated_bullet-1Love Relation- 5th house and 7th hour relation, Venus+Jupiter.
animated_bullet-1Vaastu Dosh- Bad placement of mandatory articles in energy places and bad building of floors.
animated_bullet-1KalSarp Dosh- When all planets comes under Rahu Ketu Prison.
animated_bullet-1Manglik Dosh- Bad effect of when mangal (Mars) live in 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, and 12th house.
animated_bullet-1Shani Dosh- Shani is the Lord of Judgement and give punishment according to your last birth and this birth bad work like wine drinking, non-veg, do not pay worker for their wage etc.

How Plantes Effects

Rashi –

animated_bullet-1Aries (Maish)- Mars (Mangal) rules Head.Copy of housesigni
animated_bullet-1Taurus ( Vrish) – Venus (Shukra) rules Mouth.
animated_bullet-1Gemini (Mithun)- Mercurus (Budh) rules Throat and Arm.
animated_bullet-1Cancer (Karka)- Moon (Chandrama) rules Heart.
animated_bullet-1Leo (Singh) – Sun (Surya) rules stomach.
animated_bullet-1Virgo (Kanya)- Mercury (Budh) rules loin(waist).
animated_bullet-1Libra (Tula) – Venus (Shukra) rules Pelvis.
animated_bullet-1Scorpio (Vrischik) – Mars (Mangal) rules Anus.
animated_bullet-1Sagittarius (Dhanu) – Jupeter (Guru) rules Thigh and Hips.
animated_bullet-1Capricorn (Makar)- Saturn (Shani) rules ankles.
animated_bullet-1Aquarius (Kumbh)- Saturn (Shani) rules pindalia.
animated_bullet-1Pisces (Meen)- Jupiter (Guru) rules Feets.
When these Planets and Rashi set in Lagna chart with degree 0-6, 6-12, 13-18, 19-24, 25- 30 then positive or negative effet will arise.

Predictions and Solutions –p12

Predictions and solutions can be made on basis of following-

animated_bullet-1Name, Birthday, Birth place, Time.
animated_bullet-1Numerology Service.
animated_bullet-1Astrology Services.
animated_bullet-1Yantra & Mantra.

animated_bullet-1Rings & Stones.
animated_bullet-1Fish Aquarium.
animated_bullet-1Hand Print (can be changed in six months)
These are the 13 methods by which we can know the problem and give solutions. Send us You Requirement for Astrology Service, Numerolgoy Services, Vaastu, Fengshuletc.

How To Plantes Effects
Effect of planets on body & mind when is solar system they come near earth magnetic fields.the same plantes effects and our thought & deeds become same as the planets nature will be on you.