Astrology  Judge as per age period the effect of planet on your working conditions

Astrology Planets give result in the year Sun 22 – 24 , Moon 24-25 , Mars 28 – 32 , Mercury 32 – 35 , Jupiter 16 -22-40 , Venus 25-28 , Saturn 36-42 , Rahu 42 -48 , ketu 48 – 54.

According to Vedic astrology there are 27 Constellations Nakshtra made up of 12 Zodiac signs, 9 Planets and 12 Houses with each house and planet representing different aspects of human life.

The main factors affecting the horoscope of any individual are Date of Birth, Place of Birth and Exact Time of Birth. Astrology is the greatest tool to foresee the approaching wonders or calamities of life of the individuals as well as of the nations. The main objective is to show a stable way to mankind but not misuse them.planets give effects on body part to suffer Sun – Bone, Head, Moon – Blood near mouth,Mars-nearest mouth mercury S/cin near normal part, Jupiter chased center of nose.

Astrology helps to look into past, present and future of any human being. With the help of this science one can look into his day to day incidents and can have remedies for it.

Venus – semen,eyes and feets, Saturn nervous-stomatch,rahu ketu-stomatch relates unknown disses

Through astrology an individual can change his/her life path in right direction. By the God’s blessings an astrologer can guide you towards the right path to reach your final destination and help you RASHIto know what is hidden in your destiny.

animated_bullet-1We can’t change your destiny but we can show you a smooth path to reach your destination.
animated_bullet-1We can’t stop the rain but we can save you from getting wet.
animated_bullet-1We can’t stop or change any good or bad event but we can help you protect & benefit by Prayers, Worships and remedies (Upay) yantra montra , ringstrom & vastu remedies. 
Be thankful to the Almighty for everything he blessed you with.

Those have no time only his/her name or date of birth gives details of futore events or for tume.